Libya Start-Up Project Gains Momentum, Boosting Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Libya Start-Up project, which aims to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Libya, is gaining momentum thanks to its partnership with BINA Program. The project focuses on training, mentoring, and strengthening the capacities of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Libya.

Funded by the European Union in Libya, the Libya Start-Up project is implemented by Super Novae in partnership with SPARK Libya. The project aims to create a supportive environment for entrepreneurship in Libya and help develop the skills and knowledge of local entrepreneurs.

The partnership with BINA Program is a significant step towards achieving this goal. By improving the capacity of the incubator at Gharyan University, the project will be able to provide better support to entrepreneurs and SMEs in the region. This will help create a more vibrant and sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem in Libya.

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