Libya Start-Up

aims to support the emergence of a dynamic, innovative, and sustainable start-up ecosystem in Libya

We believe that by installing mechanisms that allow for long-term engagement, multiplication, and continuous support to SMEs, business initiatives, and young aspiring entrepreneurs, we can directly respond to the pressing need for business development support structures and services that facilitate start-ups and entrepreneurship in Libya.


Our Objectives include


Providing mentoring and incubation services

to help new businesses get off the ground


Offering training and workshops

to develop the skills of aspiring entrepreneurs


Facilitating networking opportunities

for business owners and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate


Providing access

to funding opportunities such as grants, loans, and investment

Funded by the EU,

The project is being implemented in Benghazi and Tripoli in partnership with Super Novae. Together, we strive to improve the conditions and skills that foster the emergence of an innovative ecosystem.

Our Partners

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